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You will find us at:


Hanworth Airparks Leisure Centre

Uxbridge Road Feltham Mddx

Monday & Friday Evenings


Or contact

T: 0208 894 2054


Session Times & Fees

Jellyfish for beginners

Sharks for confident swimmers

Dolphins for development

There are five levels of JellyFish Classes. Starting with non-swimmers going through to ASA Level 4 in JellyFish 5.

Classes are on Friday nights and start at 7pm lasting 30mins per lesson.


Fees are paid per term and currently a 6week term is £36.00


Staring age is 5yrs old

Sharks groups are for intermediate swimmers and there are 4 levels in these classes.

Sharks 1 swims on Friday nights only and starts at 7pm. Sharks 2 - 4 can swim on Fridays and / or Mondays.

All new members need to come for a free trial


Current fees are £45 per anum Membership , plus £5.00 per swim session. Block payment is available to reduce the session Fee

Dolphins consist of 4 groups swimming on Fridays and / or Mondays. Swimmers in these groups shoild be confident in all four strokes. Coaching in these groups is focused on stroke development, building stamina and working towards competition.

All new members need to come for a free trial.


Currently Dophins fees are the same as Sharks.

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